A sign stating “The virus won’t last long, it was made in China” was spotted in Orange, Texas today.

Yesterday, President Trump was painted as racist by reporters after stating that the virus was from China.

Now we have a comical sign in Texas saying the same thing.

What do you think about this sign? Is it racist as some members of the media say?
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    1. Whoever is offended by the sign — you need to “get a life” because:
      # 1. The virus DID start in China
      THAT IS A FACT !!!!!!!

      #2. We ALL need to stop this panic business and BREATHE. And don’t forget to laugh at things meant to be funny. It’s VERY IMPORTANT at this time in our country not to lose sight of our need to have a sense of humor. IT WILL KEEP YOU SANE in today’s environment!!!

    2. Its not from orange Texas, by the way, Its from Kirbyville Texas. And if you know the owner, you would know that she is anything but racist. In a world full of sad faces, somebody has to make them laugh. Gotta love our local buisness owners for teying to make lemonade out of lemons!

    3. Known fact! As a kid from the 80’s, if you bought anything that said made in China it was guaranteed to break. Nothing racist about it, was also when 99% of anything purchased said made in USA. Sadly not the case any longer.

    4. Hilarious! And quite frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn about your feelings. Go crawl into your safe spot and cry about it.

    5. No, it’s where it came from! China government needs to own it, they are responsible for a lot of deaths around the world.

    6. Racist s when it isn’t the truth.!!!! This is true!!! The virus started in China and they knew it and kept it from the world!!!!!

  1. It was just suppose to be funny. People have no sense of humor anymore. My goodness, people take these things way too seriously….

    1. Um no it’s facts, but you can’t say anything anymore if you do it’s considered racists by a bunch of pansy’s and spineless Assholes

  2. It’s funny! I’m so sick if the race card being thrown down by liberals trying to keep themselves in the spotlight! HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR ASS HOLES!

  3. It’s a fact so there’s no point in saying races or whatever it’s true plain and simple. The ones who say it’s racist are the racist ones IE your liberal parties

  4. Heck no it’s not racist. It’s funny as _! It’s no secret and it’s something any sensible American has noticed for years. If it’s made in China there no quality in the product.
    People need to get off the racist soap box.

  5. In the past we had Spanish Flu, German Measles, Asian Flu. Now everything is “racist ” , sign of our whimpy times were in.

  6. First off… it didn’t originate in Orange, TX. Secondly, the person responsible for the sign is the least racist person ever! She was intending for it to be lighthearted and in good humor. Sad that people are so hell bent on keeping this nation divided that they cannot take a joke.

    Idk about y’all but I have more broken shit or shit that came too small that’s tagged ‘Made in China’ than I need.

    Loosen up Negative Nancys. Smile. Don’t catch the Corona!! 🤦🏽‍♀️

  7. News outlets are the number 1 reason why racism stlll lives!!! Its a funny!!! And its in kirbyville not orange!!! Get your facts straight before you publish somthing

  8. Why is this racist but having it plastered on everything we buy not? And btw in case u missed it, the virus did come from China!!

  9. To everyone who says that this sign is racist, you need to get a life and stop being the puppet that the media and some government officials document you as. You’re a complete idiot if you think this sign is racist.

  10. To those who think that this sign is racist, you need to grow up and stop being the puppet that the media and some government officials document you as. That sign is so far from being racist

  11. Seems to me the complainers are just more demoncraps trying to politicize everything in a desperate attempt to defeat Trump.

  12. The sign is meant to be funny, which it is. It gave me a chuckle. If it offends you then grow up.
    And, by the way, it was made in China.

  13. Are you kidding me? What a stupid question. It came from China no body doubts that so why can’t we call it the chinese flu? I am so tired of the PC police sticking there nose up everybodies bum! Shut up and let us live and have a little fun, the person that made the sign was referring to the poor quality of products that they export! Nt this damn flu!

  14. People are actually getting offended for other people. Mind your own damn buisness. Leave us alone. The press are the race-baiting, communist agenda pushing, America hating, man hating, abortion loving propagabda machines that are going to ruin this country. Please…PLEASE…prove me wrong.
    I’ll be waiting.

  15. Laughter may of may not be the best medicine but before you giggle just remember the Swine have never forgiven us for blaming them 100 years ago, so y’all better watch the blaming game and just chuckle a little after all this is ‘2020’ the newest Stephen King scariest horror novel of them all, y’all.

  16. It is a funny statement based partially in fact. We all know that the quality of goods from China is now always top rated. This is due to their mass production processes and costs of the items. Everyone is just trying to stir up a racial divide that in reality does not exist.

  17. Really !! Go crawl back under the rock you came from !! If you don’t like what we do in Texas, your welcome to stay the hell out of our business !!! We in the United State of Texas got this !!! A—— hole !!!!

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