Laughter is the best medicine, and those who make memes on the internet are our doctors.

Well maybe nurse practitioners.

Okay, they are the smelly janitors. Who talk to themselves. Next to the dumpster.

But no matter what, they are injecting a bit of humor into the world when it’s needed most.

Here are some of my favorites from the past week.

  1. Boy that escalated quickly! It sure did!


2. Seems to be a mixed message we’re sending to our kids

3. Okay kids, just head to the door. Don’t look back now.

4. So lonely.

5. The glove don’t fit.

6. Don’t mess with my tamales!

7. I’m just trying to kill the virus!

8. Hey Karen. Nobody cares.

9. Don’t mess with Texas. Just don’t.

10. It’s okay to be an introvert.

11. Ever read “The Stand”?

12. Well, she’s a boy, so…

13. Don’t you miss the old days when you didn’t think about toilet paper?

14. Spoiler alert. I actually googled it. The kingdom’s name is “Corona”.
I’m not kidding.

15. I’ve never been in this situation, so I don’t know what it feels like.

16. Coronavirus is the devil!

17. This year’s tornado season is brought to you by HEB.

18. Stop. You’ve thought about it.

18. The history books will not be kind.

19. Shonda is right. Pay those teachers more. A lot more!

21. The toilet paper PTSD epidemic is coming.

22. The best one yet. Crime is cancelled. Just stay home you hoodlums!


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