George P. Bush has been trying to tear down the Alamo Cenotaph Monument since he became the Texas Land Commissioner. Now that Texans are sheltering in place and looking the other way, bulldozers have moved into the Alamo Plaza, and it looks like they are about to begin the process of “moving” the Cenotaph. (A process which experts claim will destroy it).

“This is Texas Freedom Force” has successfully protested several times causing wrecking crews to stand down and Lee Spencer White has successfully sued to get stays.

But now with protests banned due to “social distancing” and all the courts shut down, Bush appears to be moving forward.

From This is Texas Freedom Force:
(be sure to look at all the photos)

The caption reads:

While the City of San Antonio is under mandatory “shelter In place” orders from Mayor Nirenberg, there are 2 construction crews out working in Alamo Plaza. Is this considered a essential project that needs to be done right now? No! The city wants to do this while everyone is at home and not paying attention. One of the engineering companies on site is the one that the city hired to move/remove the Alamo Cenotaph.

Right now they have fences up in the North part of the Plaza, fences up shutting off the entire South end of the plaza, and several Archeological digs both in the plaza and behind the Alamo Chapel. They have 2 main gates that look to be big enough for a crane to enter. On the South end of the plaza they are clearing trees so that heavy equipment can come in and remove the band stand. For those of you that are not familiar with their project, the city claims the Cenotaph will be moved to that location. They have removed the chicken wire that was holding up the fences and are now installing bolts to hold them up. Jack hammers and other equipment are being used to dig up parts of the walkway to the bandstand and they were measuring from the fence on the South side of the plaza, all the way to the North end of the plaza. We suspect they will try to gate the entire plaza off so they can try to remove the cenotaph.

Folks make that call to Lt Gov Dan Patrick as well as Gov Abbott and ask them to honor the will of Texans and stop George P Bush & the City of San Antonio from moving/destroying the Alamo Cenotaph. #NotOneInch

Lt Gov Dan Patrick

Gov Abbott

Note: The city of San Antonio & Alamo CEO Douglas McDonald are soliciting businesses to call and apply pressure to the Texas Historical Commission, they want the THC to go ahead and green light the moving of the Alamo Cenotaph now because they are afraid it is going to interfere with Fiesta. Call the THC and tell them Texans deserve to speak to the Commission before any decision has been made. (Remember the THC meeting was postponed until after the Coronavirus outbreak was over).

Texas Historical Commission

This is a reminder to all Texans to get on the phone and demand that the (de) construction crews stand down.


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