I’ve seen dozens of claims in the form of images and memes claiming that HEB is banning anybody 16 or under from entering any of its stores while the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

These are false. I repeat… this is FAKE NEWS.

Every time I see the post, it’s got a different date and hundreds of shares, not to mention tons of angry comments.

HEB posted on their social media pages that the memes circulating are not true, and they did not come from HEB.

That post did not come from H-E-B and the claim is not true. Thank you.

So there you go. Can we stop sharing these fake news memes?

H-E-B has taken precautions to protect staff and customers, as have just about all businesses across the nation. However, they’re not going to kick your 16-year-old out if you send them to pick up the groceries and some TP.

Next time you see a worker at HEB or any other local grocery store, please remember to thank them for standing in the gap for all Texans at this time.


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