Where Does The Government Get Money?

by Holli Carter

Some people seem to think that the money the government spends comes from some random magical place like unicorn nostrils or something. They talk about “the government” as if it’s a person, and it’s a nice one at that.


“OH, look,” people say, “that nice government is giving money to the poor!”

Well, that would be nice, if the money DID come out of thin air…or angel ear wax…or whatever, but the reality is, it comes from YOU and ME.

Now, it comes from you and me in the form of many, many, many types of taxes, and at all levels of government (state, local, federal), but in this post, we shall deal only with federal and only the income tax, for simplicity’s sake.

You have to realize that the money the feds take arrives to them because if you don’t pay, you will go to jail and they will come for you with guns.

Even if you owe a smallish amount, but don’t fork it over, they will take ALL your stuff. Your house, your car, your furniture…and sell it at auction to get their money. They are not kidding around. They are like the mob, but legalized.

Okay, so we know where the money comes from. Frederic Bastiat was a French writer who told us how to check and see if the government is doing right or wrong with the money it squeezes out of you this way:

But how is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them and gives it to the other persons to whom it doesn’t belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime.

To translate: if a law allows those in government to take what belongs to one and give it to another, and it would be illegal for a regular citizen to do it, then it’s theft. Let’s do an example.

Let’s say I see some poor people on the street. I want to give them money but I have none to give. So, I take my gun and hold up someone on the street, take that money and give it to the poor people. Is that illegal? (Hint: YES) Then, it’s illegal for the government to do it, too.

Now, some (I can hear you saying it!) will say, “That’s like Robin Hood!” No, no, dear reader, it’s not. Remember, Robin Hood was taking back the taxes the evil king had squeezed out of his subjects  and giving them BACK to the peasants. Once again, it was the government that did the plundering!

Let’s go back and look at the initial scenario of the government taking money from YOU and giving it to ME because I make less money than you. Uh-oh. Looks like plunder…

So, the next time you hear on the news that the federal government will “help” by giving money to some “cause” or “invest” money in something, aside from national defense or one of the other things listed in the US Constitution that they are allowed to do, understand that they only got it by stealing it.

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How to be a Transplant Texan (Bless your Heart)

by Mike Cheney 

              It’s amazing how a phrase said in one part of the country can mean something totally different in Texas.  The one phrase that immediately comes to mind is “bless your heart”.  When growing up, my grandmother would tell me that when I did something good. Be it eating everything on my plate; clean my room without being told or holding the door for my sisters, I was sure to hear “bless your heart” as a term of endearment from that dear woman.  Little did I know that in Texas, it usually means something totally different that if you don’t know what it really means is a compliment whereas those that really know what is implied will make everyone in the room snicker under their breath.


                To a Texan, saying “bless your heart” to someone is usually associated with “you’re a meathead, aren’t you?” or something very similar to that effect.  Being that Texans are polite, they have an amazing ability to know when to use tact and when to come out and say what they are thinking without holding punches back.  If a Texan tells you “bless your heart”, they have already decided that in the company they are in, the tactful approach was the best avenue to use.  Odds are, it’s a lady that will tell you this phrase.  And most ladies here seldom swear in public, so this phrase is used frequently.

                I remember an incident where I was at a friend’s mama’s house and she used the phrase.  I had just learned what it really meant to a Texan.  As we were sitting their talking to mama (who was an absolute picture of what a Texas lady was mind you; she has since passed away) my friend said something that actually drew the phrase out of mama.  As she said it, I was drinking something and nearly spit it out across the room laughing.  Needless to say, mama knew that I knew absolutely what she was getting at and she gave me a smile that meant the world to me.



How to be a Transplant Texan (And not look like an idiot)

by Mike Cheney

When I moved to Texas in late 2005, I really didn’t quite know what to think.  Having spent the previous 12 years in rural Missouri and growing up in rural Michigan really didn’t prepare me for what I was moving into.  It was a bit of a shock, really.

Sure, I knew about some of the music (didn’t really know about the regional music until I stumbled upon it) and we all are taught about the Alamo, oil and the cattle that dot the landscape in grade school. But, the beauty that the land holds from the top of the panhandle to the bottom by Laredo is unmatched.  It’s something that can’t be taught with pictures. It has to be witnessed firsthand to truly get the grasp you need.

The most interesting part of Texas is that no matter where you are, the natives look at transplants a little differently.   I’m not sure if it is good or bad thing, really.  One thing I have learned is that if you try to change the culture or how they think, you’re going to be shunned as if you questioned Tom Landry’s commitment to the Cowboys.  If you’re here and you want to be even remotely accepted, sit back and watch.  Ask questions about things, but don’t be overly nosy.  It takes an observant person about 20 seconds to learn that Texans are polite, but not overly friendly.  If a Texan wants to show you something or how it is done, you can bet they are proud of it.  If you accept them as they are and don’t try to change every possible thing in creation, they might actually like you.