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The 25 Best Ways to Annoy a Yankee

Author Unknown 1. Take your own sweet time when doing ANYTHING. 2. Pronounce all one-syllable words as if they had two syllables. 3. When giving directions, finish with “it’s right down yonder on the left.” Confuses them no end! 4. Talk REAL slow, and (even when you hear them the first time) always ask them […]

Texas Constructs U.S. Border Wall To Keep Out Unwanted Americans

The Texas-U.S. border wall will protect Texans from foreigners, like those from Oklahoma and California. . WICHITA FALLS, TX—Calling it an essential step toward securing the Texas border and protecting his people’s way of life, Gov. Rick Perry announced Tuesday the completion of a 1,953-mile wall designed to keep out millions of unwanted Americans. According […]

A Renewed Energy Policy

by The Waco Kid This article is an op-ed and the opinions therein may or may not be reflected by the staff, founders, or contributors of I Am A Texan, LLC. Summary   For 40 years, American leaders have talked about the need for an energy policy and the need to stop importing foreign oil […]

Scalp Mountain (an excerpt)

by Julia Robb Mission San Jose Texas Ranger Capt. W.E. Henry’s prayer, at Mission San José, in San Antonio, 1876   Lord, I’m a Methodist and talking to you here in a Catholic church, but I guess you don’t mind, this place has been here one hundred years and folks has offered up a lot […]

Pecos Bill Rides a Tornado

a Texas Tall Tale retold by S.E. Schlosser Now everyone in the West knows that Pecos Bill could ride anything. No bronco could throw him, no sir! Fact is, I only heard of Bill getting’ throwed once in his whole career as a cowboy. Yep, it was that time he was up Kansas way and […]

CSCOPE is on its way out in Lumberton ISD!

by Jon Williams   We first brought you the story of Lumberton ISD’s use of the CSCOPE curriculum after the photo of female students in Burqas (Islamic Dress) went viral. While there is nothing wrong in and of itself in play-acting and wearing costumes of those in different cultures, we discovered that the CSCOPE curriculum […]