Zach and a coworker try on their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Zach Almond, 31, grew up just outside of Waco in a little town called Robinson. He was bright young man who knew he was musically talented from a young age. By the time he was 15 he was leading worship at his church and leading a “heavy metal” band based out of Waco. When he was 16 he headlined for the “Royce Montgomery Variety Show” along with other local celebrities such as Ann Harder and Flyleaf.

While he loved his music, he discovered a much deeper passion in taking care of the sick when he helped nurse his dying grandmother. He went from daydreaming about performing to sold out arenas to saving lives in a battlefield hospital for the US Army.

He did everything he could to make that dream a reality, but he discovered he was ineligible for the Army and he was unable to get a waiver in order to enlist.

Zach showing his team as they head out to save Londoners’ lives

So his dream took a twist. He discovered the opportunity to become a fully trained medic in Australia and jumped at the opportunity. He got the training, fulfilled his service obligation to the Australian Health Service, and decided to see more of the world and applied to be a medic for the National Health Service in London, on his way to becoming a doctor.

Enter the COVID-19 crisis.

Since the COVID-19 crisis began, London has seen thousands of patients admitted, hundreds die, and just about all their health workers on the front lines exposed to the deadly virus.

Zach is one of them.

Even from quarantine, Zach can’t help but show his support for Texas A&M

At the moment, Zach and several of his “mates” (from what I gather, that’s British for friends) have all caught the virus and are quarantined. He’s planning to spend his time in quarantine watching Netflix, drinking PG Tips, and ensuring his body has enough nutrients to fight off the nasty bug.

When his quarantine is over, he’s going to be back at the heroic task of saving lives. In fact, he said he’d like to be back in the fight in as little as 7 days if his boss will let him.

Although he says he’s looking forward to a vacation back home to see his friends and family.

And definitely drink a Shiner at George’s.

We’ll be waiting for you, Zach. Get well soon.

That’s definitely not Texas food he’s eating. This Texas boy needs to hightail it home ASAP and get some real Tex-Mex!


Charisma Villareal / Don’t Move the Cenotaph

When George P. Bush handpicked Douglass McDonald, an Ohioan, for the job of “Alamo CEO”, we knew he was a Yankee. We didn’t know he was a Texas hater.

“I think the Alamo Defenders were accidentally trapped in the Alamo and would have fled had they known more volunteers weren’t coming.” This quote is attributed to McDonald by Charisma Villareal, a member of the Alamo Defenders Descendants Association.

Anybody who’s watched any version of “The Alamo”, whether it be the John Wayne movie, the popular Disney “Davy Crockett”, or 2004’s $100 million blockbuster, knows that Lt. Col. William Barrett Travis informed the defenders that no more reinforcements were expected to come and, while if he drew a line in the sand with his saber is disputed, what is not disputed is the fact that he gave any man the chance to leave with honor. Every man. Every single defender chose to stay and fight to the death.

They died for Texas.

They died for liberty.

Douglass McDonald is a disgrace and should not be anywhere near the Alamo, much less in charge of the “Reimagine the Alamo Project”.

Call George P. Bush on his complaint line at 1-888-456-3962 and let him know you are infuriated.


When Governor Greg Abbott ordered brisket delivered to the governor’s mansion last night from a local Austin barbecue restaurant, he was shocked at the taste, and not in a good way. It was packed in styrofoam boxes and the brisket was cold, the fries were soggy, and the beans were next to inedible.

“Barbecue brisket is the staple meal of Texans, and I shudder to think that we have to survive on cold and soggy foods like this. I am immediately ordering all barbecue restaurants in Texas to close until such time as I re-open them. “No Texan should have to endure soggy brisket delivered in styrofoam. It’s an outrage”.

He continued in his executive order, “I know this will put a financial hardship on many small business owners in the state, but I am confident that that they can re-open as sandwich shops or carry-out delis until this crisis is over. No Texan’s taste buds need to be offended as badly as mine were, no matter how bad this crisis becomes.”

We were unable to determine which restaurant sold the Governor his brisket at the time of this article.

And yes, this is an April Fools joke. (I think I may open a satire site like the Babylon Bee. These are more fun to write than real news!)


In his daily Presidential briefing on COVID-19 this morning, President Trump said that he was signing an executive order mandating public schools across the country to hold classes 7 days a week until the missed days are all made up.

“The Department of Education has spent good money on these students, and we expect them to learn. Plus, the teachers have had quite a good paid vacation and we need to recoup that money.” The President continued, “I’ve directed Secretary DeVos to ensure that every school district in the nation complies in order to qualify for funding next year.”

And it you’re still reading, please note this is an April Fools joke. Be sure to send us videos of you telling your kids!


Last year I took my infant son to a nearby park filled with bluebonnets, looked around for ant hills and snakes, and then set him down to capture the obligatory Texan photograph when he grabbed a handful of bluebonnet stems and ripped them from the ground. “Noooooo!!!!” I shouted! I was mortified. I knew for a fact that picking bluebonnets was illegal, and I was hoping the police would have mercy on me as I picked him up. Seeing no police around, I scooped him up and made a beeline for home, certain I’d escaped jail time.

Later, when I was home and calmed down, I decided to search to see just how much trouble I would have gotten in if I’d been caught with a toddler trying to eat fresh bluebonnets. Certainly it would rate at least a fine?!?

Wrong. I found that for the entirety of my life, I have been misinformed. Texas Bluebonnets are not protected, and it’s not illegal to pick them.

It is illegal to trespass on somebody else’s land without permission to pick bluebonnets, and it’s also illegal to stop in the right of way on a Texas highway. But those things are illegal whether or not bluebonnets are present.

All my life, I’ve believed a lie.

I breathed a sigh of relief. It’s okay for those grubby little hands to grab on to the Texas icon. It’s a rite of passage.

So here are a few things about Texas Bluebonnets which you may not know!

Fun Facts about Texas Bluebonnets:

  • The Lupinus Texensic and Lupinus Subcarnosis (species of bluebonnets) only grow in Texas.
  • Texas was the first state to plant flowers alongside the state highways.
  • In 1901, the Texas Legislature named the bluebonnet, a legume, the state flower.
  • There are also red and white bluebonnets.

What you NEED to know before taking to the bluebonnet fields:

  • Keep little ones and pets from putting plants in their mouth. Bluebonnets are toxic to humans and animals.
  • Leave the flowers as you found them. It’s not illegal to pick bluebonnets, but it is illegal to mar or take someone else’s property.
  • Watch out for bees. Especially for those with allergies, stings could mean trouble.
  • Look for a safe walkway. It is illegal in Texas to walk on a highway or highway shoulder.


George P. Bush has been trying to tear down the Alamo Cenotaph Monument since he became the Texas Land Commissioner. Now that Texans are sheltering in place and looking the other way, bulldozers have moved into the Alamo Plaza, and it looks like they are about to begin the process of “moving” the Cenotaph. (A process which experts claim will destroy it).

“This is Texas Freedom Force” has successfully protested several times causing wrecking crews to stand down and Lee Spencer White has successfully sued to get stays.

But now with protests banned due to “social distancing” and all the courts shut down, Bush appears to be moving forward.

From This is Texas Freedom Force:
(be sure to look at all the photos)

The caption reads:

While the City of San Antonio is under mandatory “shelter In place” orders from Mayor Nirenberg, there are 2 construction crews out working in Alamo Plaza. Is this considered a essential project that needs to be done right now? No! The city wants to do this while everyone is at home and not paying attention. One of the engineering companies on site is the one that the city hired to move/remove the Alamo Cenotaph.

Right now they have fences up in the North part of the Plaza, fences up shutting off the entire South end of the plaza, and several Archeological digs both in the plaza and behind the Alamo Chapel. They have 2 main gates that look to be big enough for a crane to enter. On the South end of the plaza they are clearing trees so that heavy equipment can come in and remove the band stand. For those of you that are not familiar with their project, the city claims the Cenotaph will be moved to that location. They have removed the chicken wire that was holding up the fences and are now installing bolts to hold them up. Jack hammers and other equipment are being used to dig up parts of the walkway to the bandstand and they were measuring from the fence on the South side of the plaza, all the way to the North end of the plaza. We suspect they will try to gate the entire plaza off so they can try to remove the cenotaph.

Folks make that call to Lt Gov Dan Patrick as well as Gov Abbott and ask them to honor the will of Texans and stop George P Bush & the City of San Antonio from moving/destroying the Alamo Cenotaph. #NotOneInch

Lt Gov Dan Patrick

Gov Abbott

Note: The city of San Antonio & Alamo CEO Douglas McDonald are soliciting businesses to call and apply pressure to the Texas Historical Commission, they want the THC to go ahead and green light the moving of the Alamo Cenotaph now because they are afraid it is going to interfere with Fiesta. Call the THC and tell them Texans deserve to speak to the Commission before any decision has been made. (Remember the THC meeting was postponed until after the Coronavirus outbreak was over).

Texas Historical Commission

This is a reminder to all Texans to get on the phone and demand that the (de) construction crews stand down.


Please share: Heyyyyyyy, all my HEB cult members. I’m asking you to sit at the feet of an HEB employee and listen up for a sec.

I need you guys to stop shopping with your whole families. HEB is asking that only one person, per household, come into the store at a time. If you love us as much as you say you do, you will listen.
They’re predicting 30% absenteeism in the very near future. That means 30% of your beloveds are going to get sick with covid-19 because too many of you are coming in to the store at one time.
We love you. We want to see you. We miss you all so much, but please stop bringing your whole families in. Please don’t make this social time. Please get what you need and get out. Please tell everyone you know that every single outing out of the house should be limited to ONE person.
I know it sucks. Trust me, I do. But the longer we keep doing these group excursions, the longer this will continue, and the more you put me, every HEB employee, and our families back at home at risk.
Also, if you’re going to wear PPE, please watch a YouTube video on how to properly wear it.
Thanks for coming to my HEB talk.”

Stay safe and stay home! ❤️

This post was shared with us from a local facebook group in Georgetown, Texas.


Instead of waiting for several days, results are available in less than 10 minutes in most cases.

Abbott Laboratories, based in Austin, Texas sent this press release:

Abbott has received emergency use authorization (EUA) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the fastest available molecular point-of-care test for the detection of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), delivering positive results in as little as five minutes and negative results in 13 minutes.

What makes this test so different is where it can be used: outside the four walls of a traditional hospital such as in the physicians’ office or urgent care clinics.

The new Abbott ID NOW COVID-19 test runs on Abbott’s ID NOWTM platform—a lightweight box (6.6 pounds and the size of a small toaster) that can sit in a variety of locations.

Because of its small size, it can be used in more non-traditional places where people can have their results in a matter of minutes, bringing an alternate testing technology to combat the novel coronavirus.

We’re ramping up production to deliver 50,000 ID NOW COVID-19 tests per day, beginning next week, to the U.S. healthcare system.

This comes on the heels of our announcement last week of the availability of the Abbott RealTime SARS-CoV-2 EUA test under FDA EUA, which runs on m2000 RealTime molecular system for centralized lab environments. Combined with ID NOW, Abbott expects to produce about 5 million tests in April.

Testing remains a crucial step in controlling the novel COVID-19 pandemic. Continuing to supply healthcare providers with new technologies to help curb the spread of infection is a top priority for public health officials and healthcare providers.

Taking molecular testing to the front lines
Molecular point-of-care testing for COVID-19 offers healthcare workers rapid results in more settings where people show up for care. Molecular testing technologies help detect the presence of a virus by identifying a small section of the virus’ genome, then amplifying that portion until there’s enough for detection. This process can cut testing wait time from hours, if not days, to as little as five minutes for positive results and 13 minutes for negative results.

When not being used for COVID-19 testing, ID NOW is the leading molecular point-of-care platform for Influenza A&B, Strep A and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) testing. Our platform holds the largest molecular point-of-care footprint in the U.S. and is already widely available in physicians’ offices, urgent care clinics, and hospital emergency departments across the country.

“Through the incredible work of teams across Abbott, we expect to deliver 50,000 COVID-19 tests per day to healthcare professionals on the front lines, where testing capabilities are needed most,” said Chris Scoggins, senior vice president, Rapid Diagnostics, Abbott. “Portable molecular testing expands the country’s capacity to get people answers faster.”