A blind cowboy from Wyoming was intrigued by the saying “Everything is bigger in Texas,” decides to visit the Lone Star State to see if it’s true.

As he boards the plane, he feels the seats and marvels, “Goodness, these seats are enormous!” A fellow passenger, overhearing him, chuckles and says, “You’re not in Texas yet, but you’re on the right track!”

Once in Texas, the blind man heads straight to a local tavern. He orders a beer, and the bartender hands him a mug that feels like a bucket. “Wow, these mugs are gigantic!” he exclaims. The bartender, with a grin, replies, “Told you, everything’s bigger in Texas.”

Later, feeling the call of nature, the blind man asks for directions to the restroom. The bartender tells him, “Second door to your right.” But in his excitement, the blind man miscounts and bursts through the third door, plunging into the hotel’s Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Panicking, he yells at the top of his lungs, “Someone get me a lifeguard! I’ve fallen into your toilet!”