Have you ever wanted to grant someone’s wish, even if it seemed unrealistic or unattainable? We often yearn to fulfill these wishes, regardless of their practicality.

In this joke, a husband strives to fulfill his wife’s unique request, despite the challenges involved. He puts in commendable effort, though the outcome isn’t quite what he anticipated.

A husband notices his wife looking pensively at her reflection in the mirror. Her birthday was approaching, so he thoughtfully asks, “What would you like for your birthday?”

She sighs, “I wish I could be six again.”

Taking her words to heart, the husband plans a surprise. On her birthday, he wakes her up at dawn to a breakfast of sugary cereal and cartoons, followed by a trip to Six Flags Over Texas.

They ride the most dizzying rides — the Tornado Twister, the Goliath Drop, the Cyclone Loop-de-Loop — until she’s nearly green.

He then treats her to a fast-food feast of chicken nuggets, extra fries, and a towering ice cream sundae. The day continues with a marathon of animated movies, complete with popcorn, soda, and a mountain of her favorite candy.

Exhausted but smiling, they return home. As she collapses onto the bed, he leans in and asks with a grin, “So, how did it feel to be six again?”

Barely opening her eyes, she groans, “I meant I wanted to be SIZE 6!”