Shame Shame Shame

Michael Parks, CEO
Crescent Capital Finance Group
11100 Santa Monica Boulevard
Suite 2000
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Mr. Parks,                                                                                                        August 18, 2013
Shame on you.
Shame. Shame. Shame.
As the Chairman of the Board of Directors for El Paso Electric Company, I am very sure that you are aware of the Santa Teresa to Montoya project currently underway in El Paso in which we homeowners are up in arms. We are up in arms because El Paso Electric Company, in its greed, failed to procure the proper permits and licenses; it failed to conduct the required Environmental Impact Surveys, and it has flippantly, through its mouthpieces, dared residents to take action, even when our properties were being torn down. Of course, now that we have proof that your company cut corners at the Federal and State levels, and is so cozy with the El Paso City Council as to make Betty Boop blush, your company’s assurances (aka lies) to the media to the contrary are little more than public perjury.
Shame. Shame. Shame.
Of course, from your millionaire’s perch in Los Angeles, California, a few dozen homes, a few protected owls, and a few million lost in property value in El Paso, Texas probably seems quite insignificant. Let me explain just how “insignificant” this is to us.
Last week, without permission, your El Paso Electric Company goons broke down the rock walls separating the highway (Artcraft) from the closest homes to the project. There is no eminent domain order, and as it turns out, you don’t even have the permits from the city, and by the way, public notification / input laws are just inconveniences when you are accustomed to work in a city with such a high level of Hispanics Immigrants who generally are unaware of the law and just roll over and accept your corrupt ways; and you take advantage of that cultural divide. (Some would call that racist)
Turns out, you messed with the wrong neighborhoods.
Shame. Shame. Shame.
On July 11th, in order to cover her tracks, one of El Paso’s own corrupt city council members, Ann Morgan-Lilly called a meeting in which she tried to “sell” this project (along with backup from the El Paso Electric Company goon Mary-Beth Stevens in case she misspoke). Her own “expert” came in and explained to us that our local property values would “only” be diminished by the “insignificant” amount of 5% to 10%. With the average home being worth $150k in this neighborhood, your project, in addition to breaking all the laws, killing all the wildlife, and putting our heath at risk, is diminishing our lower-middle-class home values. For the soldier who just bought his home with his VA loan last year and had little equity in his house, he is now “below water” by $15,000 (half of his annual salary) due to YOUR INSIGNIFICANT LITTLE PROJECT. (Which will make you what… a few hundred million dollars?)
Shame. Shame. Shame.
In conclusion, El Paso Electric Company, under your watch has broken law after law. It has flippantly diminished the home values of thousands of El Paso residents, while you reap your millions in Los Angeles, California.
I’m sure you don’t care about us Texans at all, but let me tell you something, when your stock price begins to dip because of the SHAME that this project has brought El Paso Electric Company, you will remember this letter.
Shame on you sir, shame on your entire company. You are not corporate citizens, you are corporate rapists and plunderers.


Jon Williams

Micheal K. Parks
[email protected]

CC: AP, Los Angeles Times, CNBC, FoxNews, Fox Business, DrudgeReport, UPI, MSNBC
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Editorial Note: This public shaming represents me, Jon Williams, not the attorneys representing Artcraft Neighborhood Association or even any of the other homeowners. I’m pretty ticked off, can you tell?