Texas Man Announces He is Michelle Obama’s Son

posted by staff
Johnnie Gooden Jr., a 29 year old African-American man, announced that he is the recently adopted son of first lady Michelle Obama.  Gooden walked into a Chase bank in Bryan, Texas and tried to access Michelle Obama’s bank account claiming she recently adopted him via Facebook.
michelle-obama angry
Michelle Obama
Presentation1Chase bank went on to inform Mr. Gooden that Michelle Obama did not have an account with them and called the authorities reporting a suspicious customer “attempting to access an account under Michelle Obama’s name.”
Gooden was quickly arrested and now resides in the Brazos County Jail.  According to Bryan Police Department, Gooden had multiple outstanding warrants for resisting arrest and assault on a public servant.
As of this posting, Michelle Obama has not commented on her newly adopted “son”.
In a pre-released media talking points memo, President Obama is expected to say that “If he had a son, he’d probably look a lot like Johnnie.” (ok, that was a joke) 🙂
Seriously, though, do you really think that you can try to post as the “adopted first son” and steal money from the first lady’s bank account in Texas? Seriously? Something tells me that this guy didn’t graduate from the local university.
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