To Sauce or not to Sauce, That is the Question

By Big Al
My last blog I talked about the 2 sauces we primarily use in Texas. If you hadn’t read it shame on you, there will be a test later. Anyway As I said in my last blog, I wish I had a nickel every time someone asked me what sauce to use on their BBQ and when to apply it.  Well I will tell you, the answer to that question is as the number of stars in the heavens.  (cute huh?)  Really, I do not know how to answer the question!  What I like is 180 degrees opposite of what you may like. Most sauces are so full of sugar, hot peppers, MSG, preservatives, and the like that how can you taste the meat?   I mean my gosh, people what in the heck (cleaned that up huh?) did you buy the meat for.  If you just wanted the taste of BBQ sauce, why don’t you slaver it on a piece of white bread and be done with it!  It would be a lot cheaper than that piece of meat, chicken or fish, yes fish!    Anything that you put on the three main food groups (that’s beef, fowl and fish) should be to enhance the flavor of the meat not cover it up!

When I first started making my Rubs, I researched and tried a lot of Rubs and Seasonings, some were not bad, some were not good but just about everyone I tried covered the real taste of the animal and vegetable that I put it on. The other thing I found is that most used 2 or 3 ingredients, including sugar and MSG that I could read and then the rest it took one of them Ivy League college degrees to pronounce.  BBQ was meant to be simple. There is more energy efficient ways to cook, (I put that line in to sound Politically Correct) there are better and faster ways to produce a meal but that is not why we BBQ.  We BBQ for more reasons than there are Chinamen in San Francisco (there goes my PC rating) but the one thing we all BBQ for is the taste!  Why in the world would you cover that up with sauce?  Rub, Seasonings, Sauce, and whatever you put on BBQ should enhance the flavor; intensify the experience of the product you have labored, yes labored for hours to produce.  You bought a piece of meat, carefully picked it out, tenderly brought it home, started the smoker, grill , pit, box, hole in the ground, whatever that you paid big money for, and then, after hours of babysitting it, watching it, yelling at your best friend, wife , mother-in-law, my brother-in-law (that means you uncle Dave) and your kids not to lift the lid! , You take it to the table carried like the crown jewels, high above your head so everyone can uh and ah as to the perfect color, texture, smell of this perfect piece of meat.

homemade barbecue sauce 1
At 98 cents a Quart, this stuff will ruin the best meats out there! For gosh sakes, just buy a piece of bread and
put your barbecue sauce on it and be done already!

Then, Then!  You set it on the table, cut it up and pour BBQ sauce all over it, BBQ sauce that you paid $.98 a quart for.   That my friend is an affront to the Gods of Smoke and Fire. But if that is what you want to do, I may not agree with you, I know that I will not agree with you, but I will fight for your right to do it!   This is The United States of America and you have the right to screw up anything you put your mind to.


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